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Grow Your Network & Income: MIPL's Business Associates Program for Real Estate Professionals

MIPL Business Associate’ program is our endeavour to forge new partnerships that are mutually beneficial for our business growth. We look forward to create bonds that will help us and our partners in achieving unwavering success and scale new heights with MIPL.

Teamwork Begins By Building Trust.

Are you interested in the exciting world of real estate? Do you dream of financial freedom and a career where you can be your own boss? If so, then MIPL’s Business Associates Program is the perfect opportunity for you! This innovative program is designed for anyone who wants to earn money in real estate, regardless of experience. Through MIPL’s comprehensive training and support, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this rewarding field.

How It Goes

Step 1

Collect the contact information of people you know.

Step 7

 You can work whenever you want, at your own convenience.

Step 3

Reach out to potential clients through phone calls without any prior contact.

Step 5

Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to spread the word about our business.

Step 2

Tell them about our company or direct them to our website for more information.

Step 6

Set up presentations about our services in various offices and societies.

Step 8

If you have your own office and a skilled telecalling team, you can earn a 20% commission for bringing in clients.

Step 4

Bring your clients to our office to gather their opinions through surveys.

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